Weekly Rays of Sunshine #123

My love for my blog has increased my blog reading addiction. Not only that, but now I have fully committed to the Pinterest bug. Pin! Pin! Pin! There is so much to see, I am afraid I might miss the very best thing ever. Maybe you have the same concerns? Just in case, every weekend, I will put up my weekly favorites so that you don’t miss something very important. I try to limit myself to 10 but sometimes there are just too many. Enjoy! Tell them I sent you.  Come check out Rays of Sunshine from the past or go take a look at the Pin Board for the collection.

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It’s Easter Eve and I am busy preparing for lunch with the children and grandchildren.  That means coloring some eggs, making dessert for lunch tomorrow, setting the table and preparing for a day of celebration in remembrance.   It is such a lovely time of year to be outside and such a joyous time.  Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate this season.

Pinning has been a busy time too.  I’ve picked out just a few of the delicious and cute ideas I’ve seen this week.

  • Cooking Classy made a beautiful Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad
  • For my appetizer I’m making She Wears Many Hats Cheese Carrots.  I put these together in about 20 minutes. 
  • This is my entree for Easter Sunday lunch.  Will Cook for Smiles presented a delicious Bacon Wrapped Garlic Dijon Pork Loin.  Can’t wait to cut into this.
  • Who Needs a Cape made the prettiest Pastel Deviled Eggs I’ve ever seen.  What a delightful twist on the egg. 
  • I found this precious cake on Celebrating Holidays.  Check out this easy Lamb Cake.
  • If you like the pastel M&Ms that are available only this time of year get ready to make this cute cake Serious Eats presented Easter Egg Cake.
  • Home Decorating presented the most beautiful Easter Basket made out of a yeast dough.  What a work of art!
  • This is a cute and simple idea that Joyful Healthy Eats made.  Look at these Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
  • Mom Loves Baking has the cutest Easter Surprise Inside Cake
  • These cupcakes sound good for any day.  Garnish and Glaze made these Caramel Pecan Carrot Cupcakes. Gotta try these.
  • The Hungry Australian has a wonderful idea for an afternoon tea or a perfect touch to a dessert table for Easter.  Look at all the lovely ideas.  I fell in love with the Mini Pavlovas.

Have a blessed and happy Easter!

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